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For That Old-World Touch

We deliver design to finished project on time, on budget and at the highest standards.  We know how to do this. 


Sure, Concrete is in our name and in our blood, but stone and pavers, the stuff of hardscape, are dear to our hearts.  In fact, many jobs combine our concrete and hardscape expertise.  Paver driveways and patios contained with concrete curbs make for a perfect blend of old world beauty with added strength and visual tidiness.  Before we even move that first shovel of soil, we have a design that guides our every move

The result is pure magic,

Art and Science.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do more than hold back dirt, they manage the flow of your property and give it form..  Create a contour that defines a boundary, brings relief to an otherwise flat space and do it with a versatile building method that has been used for centuries.  Stacked retaining walls can be built with a wide variety of materials of many colors, shapes and textures.  Not only is it beautiful, it  has a flexible strength that is yielding yet strong -- there are no problems with cracking. 



Pavers can transform a driveway, welkway, or patio into a work of art. We can design with color, texture, shape and layout patterns.  We love working with pavers, they give us a rich design palette.  You will love pavers, too.  There are roads dating back hundreds of years in Old Europe and they are as beautiful today as they were then. Add enduring beauty to your property


Make Your Statement With Euduring Beauty

There are many ways to add value to your property, none as enduring and as distinct as hardscape.  It has stood the test of time and remains the best way to make your lasting mark on your property. In a throw away world of impermanence, hardscape is here to stay.

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