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Professional Concrete Construction in Reno, Nevada

Concrete patio
At Supreme Concrete LLC, we are unlimited in the concrete services we can provide. Our talented technicians have the artistic eye to make your cement project complement and blend with any surrounding structures. Many builders, home and business owners in Reno trust us with their property. We use quality, durable concrete that can withstand the weight of vehicles and more for years to come without cracking or weathering.
The professional construction crew specializes in many types of residential and commercial jobs and will set the standard for premium-quality concrete work. Let us blow you away — take a chance on us today.

Possibilities for Your Property

Curbs and Gutters

Because Supreme Concrete LLC always delivers a professional-grade product, you can expect our completed curb and gutter construction to be straight and sufficiently interlocked to ensure proper drainage for gutters.

Decorative Yard Curbing

Well-designed yard curbing adds personality, depth and extra space for foliage. When you need a clean, crisp curb around your flower beds, turn to us with the design you want and we’ll deliver the quality product you expect.


A brand-new concrete driveway will do wonders to freshen up your home’s curb appeal. Using our tested and proven techniques, our reliable servicemen will pour you a driveway that will resist cracking to extend its life.

Footings and Foundations

The importance of a solid footing in foundation construction is underestimated. Footings act as reinforcement to support a structure’s foundation and prevent settling. Don’t leave this critical step to an amateur. We’ll do it right the first time.

Garage Slabs

A good concrete slab will withstand weight in any weather conditions. Our mixes contain the right water measurements to ensure the proper thickness and strength, which we will adjust according to the climate of Reno.


Concrete makes an excellent material choice for a patio. It’s durable, slip-resistant and customizable. Choose our handy crew to create a patio for you and your family and friends to gather, socialize and enjoy the outdoors. 


Adding or replacing a sidewalk? We’ll make sure it’s safe for loved ones or clients to walk on. You can trust that our concrete experts will construct an attractive, strong and level sidewalk for you to appreciate for many years to come. 


Concrete steps are among the safest choice for staircases contrasted with wood and other materials which soften and weaken over time. They’re easy to keep clean and maintain, and they are known for lasting a long time.

Precast Steps

Looking for a customizable option for your steps? Our versatile team can create precast concrete steps of a variety of size configurations that are hollow and less likely to settle that are still as durable as steps poured on-site.

Stamped and Colored Concrete

Supreme Concrete LLC provides a large assortment of decorative stamped concrete for your upcoming project. It’s a cheaper, yet attractive and easily maintainable alternative to more costly materials. You’ll love its decorative touch.

Stamped and Colored Curbing

If you’re looking for something more flashy than traditional concrete curbing, we carry stamped and colored curbing of different colors and patterns to resemble different stones and allowing you to match it to the color scheme of your property.

Wash Finish

If you’re looking for that extra finishing touch on your driveway or patio, a wash finish may be the answer. Our skilled experts can give you a splash of color, however drastic you’d like it to be, which will also highlight the concrete texture. 

We Do it All

No matter the ideas for concrete construction you have on the horizon, count on the construction professionals at Supreme Concrete LLC in Reno, Nevada, to make it a reality in a short amount of time. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.